Climate changes and H bags

  1. Ladies: something I've always been very curious about. How do H bags respond to climate changes? If you live for a long time in very dry climates, and then move to a very humid area, for example? I find that some leathers change very rapidly when they've been continuously exposed to one environment and the environment changes suddenly.

    I.e. I've had leather bags I've used in colder, drier climates suddenly start smelling funny in the tropics, or bags used in humid climates have their leather start drying and cracking in the winter.

    I'm just curious. This was partly because (I think) Eric mentioned one of his bags started smelling funny in the tropics.
  2. i think humidity does affect leather in general, not only with hermes leather. i've heard that high humidity (in the tropics) can also cause mould growth if leather goods are not stored properly. maybe in climate controlled environment would be best when storing leather goods in the tropics?
  3. If you live in a humid area for less than a year, I wouldn't worry about it. Simply store your bags in their cloth bags. If you're permanently moving to a humid area, then I would suggest purchasing a de-humidifier and leave it on in your closet. This way your furs, leathers, and any other material will be protected.

    As to moving the other way around (wet to dry). If the leathers start cracking or what not, there is LMB leather care products. Simple google and you should find stores that sell them.
  4. I had a horrible surprise when I opened a box recently. I will spare you the nightmarish details, but I will suffice to say that mold in the tropics is a reality.....

    I cannot think about it even one more second.....

    oh, and the thing is that my puppy (who is grown now) ate my dehumidifier cord, and that is the cause of this nightmare...Santa has been informed.
  5. Merika...I know that wasnt really an answer, but I did need to let it out.....
  6. I live in a hot humid country, I have a 5L de-humidifier in a small walk-in closet (Sealed) 4mx2m and it's turned on 24/7 and my bags, suede, fabrics still mould inside this small space. The items had to be used frequently or risk the chance of mould. Needless to say, other than termites problems I had mold problems.. which deters any bags or clothes interest.

    YES, ITA, no one understood my obsessions with de-humidifier :p

    BAD doggie! It's a nightmare to deal with mold.
  7. ^^ I want to tell you that when I took the piece out of its little sleeper, and saw the little specks of mold, I felt the blood rush from my head and thought I was going to keel over. :cry:

    I have seen mold before, I surely have. But to see it on Hermes.....:shocked:

    gack....I cant even go there.

    I put all my sleepers in a HOT dryer and put a heater in my closet. I am waiting for my humidifier to be repaired.

    I was very traumatized by this experience. VERY.

    I guess I still am....:crybaby:
  8. (((CobaltBlu)) from someone who had given away almost all her bags due to mould, I would be :cry: if it is on my H bags, did you send it to mainland for a look-see?

    "....All my sleepers" -- oh my, a few pieces? :crybaby:

  9. to the ones with the mold problems. haven´t you swithced on the air condition 24/7? that plus dehumidified should ususally avoid mold!
  10. I was worried about this. I come from the tropics , and may have to travel there for extended periods of time. Climate is pretty much like Hawaii. I'm getting nervous about purchasing any H leather items for that reason (among other reasons :p)
  11. Oh wow, Never think of these things.
    That's what this forum is for.

    Does the mold permanently damage the bags?
  12. This is a question I would like to have answered too....I'm afraid some of my leather shoes got moldy (again, after an overseas trip to the tropics) and they were irreparable. I had to throw them out.
  13. Well, I did all my sleepers because I am a little obsessive....but actually it was just a tiny little dusting of mold, I just wiped it off, no problem, I gave it the sniff test, too. I caught it in time. was on a strap.

    But I have to check them all periodically, its just been so incredibly rainy here....blech. Luckily I am always paying my Hermes visits in their sleepers.
  14. To check if they're sleeping properly?? :roflmfao:
  15. ^^yes, that is exactly it, Merika!!!