Clif, Luna bars at Amazon!!!

  1. [FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]"Get $5 off now when you spend $29 or more on any combination of select clif, Luna, and Mojo nutrition bars offered by in Health & Personal Care. Enter code clif2OO6 at checkout."


    I ordered 2 boxes of luna bars and with the code, it totals out to $24.30 with free shipping. I think I calculated it to be about $0.70 a bar which is an awesome deal!

    If you order clif bars you can get 3 boxes which my bf did.

    In total, I ordered 8 boxes with 3 different transactions so I could use the $5 code each time.
  2. awesome! I wish they had sweet dreams because that is definitely my favorite and that is definitely a better deal than Whole Foods Market ripoff. I'll probably order dulce de leche instead.
    thanks for the notice!
  3. I have never tried these, but would like to. Could you recommend a flavor?
  4. ^ For Luna Bars I am a big fan of Lemon Zest and Nutz Over Chocolate. For Cliff Bars I love Chocolate Brownie and Chocolate PEanut Crunch :smile:
  5. how many calories and grams of fiber does the average clif and luna bar have (i'm trying to calculate weight watchers points!)?
  6. I know a luna bar is 180 calories and has I think 3-4g of fiber. As for the clif bars it varies by flavor I think
  7. I also like nutz over chocolate and I like chocolate covered cherry and chocolate pecan pie. It helps with my sweet tooth
  8. ahhhh too many points! that would be 3 points, i try to keep my snacks 2 or less (so i can have lots of them!)...

    *sad face*
  9. yeah, but a luna bar and splenda yogurt make a great low cal breakfast...they're high fiber and filling.

    I am a gigantic luna bar fan! for a period in my life I lived off of those things.
  10. now i'm with ya on the splenda yogurt, that stuff is amazing.
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