Clif bars and ProMax bars are NOT protein bars?

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  1. On the bars themselves they both say "energy bars" on their packaging? I am new to this world, is this normal or am I buying the wrong things? I tried Luna bars and thought they were chalky.
  2. Typically, energy bars are much different than protein bars. Read the labels. If the emphasis is on carbs, then it is more of an energy bar. If there is a high protein content, then it is considered a protein bar.
  3. How high of a protein count must it have to be considered a protein bar? Because I have heard both of these brands being discussed in the protein bar thread.
  4. Try “Pure Protein” – they have 20g of protein/200 cals. Or Atkins Advantage with 17g protein/200 cals. Since moving on to these two I feel the Luna bars don’t offer enough protein at 8-9g.
  5. I think it's kind of pointless to try to label them. Bottom line, read the labels and choose from there.
  6. OK, thanks. So, in that case, how much protein should I be looking for in these baras then?
  7. OK, ProMax bars have 20g of protein and 300 calories, the bar is 2.64 oz... So, does that qualify it as a protein bar even though the label says energy bar? That is all i am asking!

    Clif bars have only 10g of protein and 250 calories, the bar is 2.4 oz.. wow, that doesn't seem too good!
  8. ^I guess it depends on what your target protein intake is for the day, and how far short of it you are falling.

    I don't fall very short on protein each day, so I don't care whether my protein bar has 10 g or 20 g of protein in it. I just want it to have a decent amount (at least 9-10 g), and I want to enjoy what I'm eating. I also make sure it has no hydrogenated oils in it, because I avoid trans fats like the plague.
  9. Thank you ladies! I can read the labels, but, wasn't sure what I should be shooting for, especially if I am looking to eat one in place of breakfast for example. Will check out the link
  10. It depends on your goals, but if it's being used just as a "daily" food, I'd shoot for a 40/30/30 protein/carb/fat ratio or 45/30/25..something around there. If you're about to run a few miles, you might want to get something more in the "energy" realm that might have higher carbs.