Client tracker

Oct 1, 2010
OK, so I called the outlet looking for a bag & they said they will take my info & call me when it comes in. I've done this a few times, but never received a call...what gives?


Oct 31, 2010
I tried that too. Then I called a few days later to find out they had 4 of the bags I wanted in stock. When I asked about the client tracker, the SA seemed confused as to what I was talking about. Another SA told me the very best way to get what you want is to just call the outlet every day and have them check. That would be my advice. I think that if the stores are busy, they may try to sell them first without making phone calls.


Coach-my candy store
Nov 12, 2009
I've done client tracker a lot of times and I think it's actually worked twice. Same thing happened to me-- I was on client tracker and kept calling and found about 4 bags at the store. They said they were just about to get to the client tracker list when I called.

I always thought it was all computerized so that when they received and unpacked a bag, it just came up that someone was on client tracker for it. So I thought they would hold bags before they ever went out onto the floor. But it sounds like the system is all manual and fairly unreliable.

I suggest still doing client tracker, cause you never know when it will work, AND call the store every day if it's something you really want to find.