'Client Tracker' for wanted items(big problem)


Rock n Roll 'Ho
Mar 25, 2008
I had signed up for the client tracker for several items that should be arriving at the outlet in the very near future.

I know that the Bleeker boutique items are already in route to the outlets so I decided to swing by my usual outlet yesterday morning to see what items might have already arrived. (Sophies and Delphines)

Imagine my surprise when I walked in, my favorite SA told me that she went to pull up my name to review my list and IT WAS NOT IN THE COMPUTER AT ALL!

She wasnt sure what exactly the problem was with the system or what happened to my wishlist. Some of the things have come in and I was never called for my items.

She also said that it was ironic that I came in when I did because she was getting ready to call me about that today to explain what had happened and why she needed to get my list from me again.
(Now that iscustomer service!)
I know if it were me I wouldnt have wanted to call someone to tell them that sort of news.....

Anyhoo long story short, my Platinum Sophie has already come and gone.
To add insult to injury I had signed up (over the phone) for that particular bag the very night before after reading on here that some outlets had gotten Bleeker items already.
My Sophie was in the very next shipment they received.:crybaby::crybaby::crybaby:
Somebody else got it.
I almost cried right then and there in the store when she told me they had gotten one in!

I dont mind waiting my turn for specific items as I understand the nature of supply and demand.
To have a false sense of security that you will get a call for your stuff in due time just because you have waited patiently is a big steaming pile of B.S!

So if any of you are on the client tracker list for anything I strongly urge to you to call your outlet and double check to make sure it is still in their computer system.
If it happened to me it could happen to any one of you.
Believe me, it is not a good feeling when this happens, in fact it really sucks!

I trust that my SA will make it right and get me the things that I want eventually when they come in again because she promised me that she will personally keep an eye out when the shipment boxes get opened up and she will call me immediately when my stuff arrives.

Sorry for the rant.
I just dont want to hear about this to happening to anyone else here.


But it was on sale!
Mar 9, 2007
That stinks but I personally usually just keep calling and bugging them when I know that something I want is coming in. A couple weeks ago, I had put my name into the client tracker for a tan leather Delphine. Now I had heard that Bleecker had gone to the outlets but I didn't hear a peep from my outlet so I called and asked if they had it. Lo and behold they did and I put one on hold. Had I not called, I may have missed out. I just don't think the client tracker thingie is all that reliable or that the outlets care if you get your stuff or not (although you clearly have a great SA!).


Feb 5, 2008
I'm not usually notified, either. If I am it's after they've already had the bag I wanted and it came and went and came in again. It's like they finally call when it gets to the very end of the bag's outlet run (and all that's left are the beaten-up ones).
The Premium Outlet in Las Vegas has two of those platinum Sophies. I don't think they ship to FL though.


Apr 19, 2007
This just happened to me. As soon as the Fashion satchel was off Coach.com, I called to be put on the list. I called two days later but still no satchel. I decided to call yesterday...Yes they said they had received only one and it happened to be berry. :yahoo:
I had them hold it for me. I asked why I wasn't called and the girl really didn't know. I also have never been called about my list.

This outlet barely receives anything good, so it's lucky I called. I will never rely on the list again.


Sep 17, 2008
Same for me, client tracker has never worked. I put myself down for a bag once and came into the store a month later, and there it was. On the shelf. No one had ever let me know. I got it, which was good, but I don't think client tracker does much of anything. The mentality at the outlet I go to seems to be that everything sells anyway, why bother putting in the work to run people down in client tracker? Same with charge holds and sends. I only have witnessed SAs calling people about bags when business is really slow.


Apr 8, 2008
I've found the same thing and asked some questions at my outlet and I was told that once they update the inventory in the "system" when they unpack, it takes until the next day for the client list to generate. In that time, the most popular bags (obviously those are the ones we want) have been put on the shelves and snatched up. Guess what that means? By the time the SA's pull the list, the items are gone. They don't pull the items until they are on the shelf...seem to me that defeats the purpose of this whole idea! That's why I don't have a black Luci or Leigh! I know my outlet got them, but every time I call they tell me they are sold out. When I explained that I know of gals who have these bags from this particular outlet, they explained their goofy system to me. Moral of the story, you need to make a good friend at the outlet to look out for you since their system doesn't do the job!:tdown:


O Holy Grail...
Jun 9, 2008
Wow. I actually got a call regarding a bag today from one of my outlets (unfortunately it was for the Black Legacy shoulder flap, not the Walnut, but she put the black on hold for me anyway), and I follow up every couple of days or so. I think some outlets are just more diligent than others.


Videre est credere
Jul 23, 2008
Gee, you'd think they'd generate the list *before* they put the stuff on the shelves. Silly me. :P

I would tend to agree. But playing devil's advocate here, can you imagine the time it would take to "check-in" all of the bags that come in and then do a client tracker search against said list? The amount of cycles that would take someone could probably keep an employee busy fulltime, and something in me doubts that any priority is placed on calling client track people when they have a store full of customers waiting to be helped.
Now, from a customers perspective, yes it is VERY annoying that they have a tool like this in place and it is proven very unsuccessful time and again. There seems to be no rhyme or reason.
I am on client track for probably about 20-30 bags. I can count the number of times I have been called off that list on one hand.

Also keep in mind that just because we put ourselves in client track for an item doesn't mean someone in our area isn't also in there. So I can also see instances where the other person in tracker gets the call instead of us.

So yeah, it stinks, but part of me does understand the logistics.


Rock n Roll 'Ho
Mar 25, 2008
IMoral of the story,you need to make a good freind at the outlet to look out for you since their system doesn't do the job!:tdown:

That is it in a nutshell! I :heart: my SA!

There is a (somewhat) happy ending to my story though.
I got a call today that my Sophie has come in! :yahoo:
She is now on charge hold and I will be going out tomorrow to pick her up.
I am getting her at 50% off too even though as of today all of the Bleeker stuff is at 40% off they are making an exception since I explained the whole story of what had happened with the first one.

Aye yae yae!

mharvey816 said:
Gee, you'd think they'd generate the list *before* they put the stuff on the shelves. Silly me. :P

Once again that is Coach for ya!
I guess I am going to start stalking the outlets regularly.
This has been a real eye opener for sure!


**My Snow Pup**
Jul 6, 2007
Oh ^Carrie^! I'm so happy that you're finally getting your Sophie! After all that! I have to say, a similar thing happened to me today. An SA had put me on that client-tracker list for a black medium Lily @ my outlet with all my info (address, phone, etc.), and when I went to the outlet today, I just wanted to make sure that it didn't come in and they called me while I was there, so I asked an SA it they had any in stock. The answer was no, but she told me about the list, and I asked if she could just double check to see if I was on there. I WASN'T!!! :wtf: Wtf? She RE-put me in...but I don't trust it. I think I'm going to eBay it at this point....:shrugs:

CCfor C

Mar 22, 2007
I understand both points of view; from the store's aspect and the client's. In that case, I say, DON"T have an official list...just tell us they will try to call if it comes in. There is no reason to get our hopes up that this is going to happen. The best way to see is just to go in. So we WILL miss out on some stuff...:cursing: