clicking/snapping hip syndrome

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  1. Anyone else have this?
    It's kind of a clicking noise in your hip with a weird joint movement. Something pops out from my hip area when I walk down the stairs. It's kind of been bothering me lately, I was just wondering how common it is. I only know one other person who has it.
  2. oh my god, i thought i was the only person ever to have this!!!
    it used to scare/annoy the crap out of me when i was a kid!!
  3. really? up until last week, i thought everyone could do it!
  4. My hip does that if say, I've been laying around for awhile and I get up. :smile:
  5. My hips, knees and toes always crack, my family often comment that if I ever had to secretly tip-i-toe anywhere at night everyone would know it's me.
    It can be kind of embarassing when visiting people, I've often experienced a shocked look on people's faces when they hear a "crack" if I sit down, stand up or walk away.
    Once I crakced my toes and someone jumped up thinking people were shooting bullets outside!
  6. My hip is always popping. I was getting scared thinking I might have bone cancer or something. But, it sounds like it might be a common thing..
  7. oh my god, i accidentally popped my hip out and now i can't pop it back in all the way or something. it hurts!
  8. this happens to me all the time when i'm doing pilates, and i swing my legs out. it doesn't hurt, but i've always wondered if this only happened to me!
  9. :wtf: How do you pop out your hip? That sounds really painful!!!
  10. i dunno...when i stand, and put all my weight on one foot and move my knee, a bone in my hip area pops out. i can do it on both sides.

    my left hip hurts for some reason.
  11. double jointed!!!

    i can twist my legs around 180 degrees so my toes are behind arms do the same. when i lay down typically my back cracks (each vertebrae individually) and my hips do the same at times.
  12. That happens to me, too! Ever since I can remember, there are times that someting doesn't seat correctly, or pulls away from the hip socket. Sometimes it'll hurt when I walk, until it goes back. Sometimes I can get it to go back, sometimes I have to wait for it go back on it's own.
  13. :wtf: I thought I was alone w/ my problem!! Does yours hurt?? Mine hurts like hell if I walk for a while. I can't prevent it, b/c when I walk it pops, no matter what I do! I've had x-rays and everything! there's nothing they can do! you can actually hear it when i walk! eww! haha but i can pop it out.. i can do the same with my shoulder.
  14. I have had this too. I once went to a neuromuscular therapist who said that the one hip that is doing that is slightly tilted. He said it was not the bones but that the way the muscles are pulling the bones. I do Pilates but that doesn't relieve it help. The thing that really helped me is yoga. I do Iyengar - especially when we did alot of hip work . . .
  15. Nah, it doesn't hurt. It hurt a couple days ago, but not anymore. You can hear it when I walk up/down the stairs, or when I move my leg while sitting down.