click on the net-a-porter items - better prices!!

  1. i just visited the net-a-porter SALE category - and clicked on items that were already discounted. some of them have further discounts not seen on the main web page! i just bought a chloe edith wallet that was marked down to 304.50 from 435 on the main list, but when i clicked on the item, it said 174!!

    sorry if everybody else already knows this :p
  2. WOW!! thanks for the heads up!!
  3. Wow! Great deals, esp on some Chloe.

    I'm tempted by the mini Edith at $476
  4. Here are some examples:
    Burberry leather manor bag: $672 orig $1680
    Zac Posen Lola: $770; orig $1295
    Chloe Mini Edith Satchel: $476 orig $1190
    Chloe Edith w/ shoulder strap: $655 orig $1310
    MbyMJ strike leather tote:$229 orig $4??

    You have to click on the pics to get these prices, some amazing deals I think!
  5. The prices are INSANE. Even though I've been bag crazy the last few weeks, I am really tempted by the Edith.
  6. wow....the prices on the louboutins and choos are really good! Darn it! I am SO tempted....knew I shouldn't have clicked on this thread.
  7. And who can beat net-a-porter's overnight shipping for $25? :yahoo:
  8. Aww! The Edith is gone! Thanks for the thread, I was starting to get intimidated by the main page prices.
  9. jimmy choos and louboutin's are actually more expensive than Saks prices...
  10. OMG....I hate this...i made my order day before, and will be delivered to me today!! I will call up and ask for price adjustment...I will keep you guys updated!!:yes:
  11. Thanks for the heads up! Now, we need a free shipping code!
  12. The Edith's are still there! Some Bay bags too.
  13. I believe all of the further-reduced prices are now updated on the webpage.

    Thanks to all of you for letting us gals know about this!
    GREAT deals throughout, esp on the Chloe bags! :p
    I got the double-zip Paddington for $702!! :yahoo:

    Hope all of you's find your goodies!
  14. I'm confused by their "sale". I've been eyeing a pair of boots that were 399 (on sale) and now the new "sale" price is over 480!:confused1: