Click here to see how I got my authentic LV bag in store at about 50 % off. ^___^

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  1. Everyone on earth knows that LV doesn’t give discount. But I got my first LV bag in store at about 50 % off. This is my story about my first LV bag. ^___^

    I saw a post on a Chinese online forum that a young lady is selling her EPI Ludlow wallet she just purchased two weeks ago in York dale LV store for 200 bulks. She purchased the EPI wallet for $375, but she doesn’t like it anymore. She went back to the store to return it. However the Yorkdale LV store is not like the other LV stores, and they don’t have a return within 14 days policy. She got so mad so she verbally attacked the store manager. Of course, he still can’t grant her a return. Hence, she was selling her EPI wallet online for $200 bulks.

    I contacted her and told her that I’m not interested in the LV wallet however I’m more interested in the store credit. I ask her whether she could bring her wallet to the store and then I could return it for store credit then use the store credit to buy a bag I want. She told me she would love to help me however it’s better for me to check the store policy first before we go. So, I called the LV store in York dale next afternoon. A lady work there told me they have an exchange within 28 days policy. She is such a nice lady, very friendly.

    The next morning, I brought the young lady to the store and ask the store manager to grant me an exchange. The store manager got soooooo mad when she saw that lady come but he still grants me the exchange since it’s the store policy. I exchanged the EPI Ludlow wallet to monogram Canvas pouchette accessories bag. I paid the young lady 200 bulks and she even got 30 dollars returned to her visa card. She is definitely very pleased to see that. :yes: wow, what a relief, everyone is happy except the store manager.

    I’m simply sharing my story about how I got my first authentic LV in store. The monogram Canvas pouchette accessories bag is selling at about 350 bulks after tax and I paid 200 bulks to get it. That’s why I say it’s about 50% off.
    Some people say that “Get the first LV bag is like lost Lv virginity”. Well; can I say that I got my virginity lost the smart way? :P
  2. Wow --- great story and resourceful thinking on your part. Congratulations on your LV purchase! You sure got a fantastic deal!!
  3. Yorkdale store doesn't have a return for a refund within 14 days policy?!:confused1: I beg to differ!
  4. Hmmmm........:confused1: sounds kinda weird to me.....
  5. the lady told me she go back to the store on the 14th day but they didn't give her a refund, that's why she got so mad.:yes:
  6. can you point it out?
  7. What sounded weird was when you said the store didn't have a 14 day return policy. I guess you cleared that up in your next post.
  8. Just a little hard to believe. Sorry.
  9. oh i see.:yes:
  10. I just don't get as to WHY would she just give up $350.00 of her store credit for $200.00 when she didn't have to?:shrugs: Either she is not very bright or :dots:
  11. hahaha,
    i also think this is pretty hard to believe myself.
    but this is a true story. it just happened to me.:yes:

    i have attched two picture here

    one pic is the wallet she was trying to sell
    the other is her post on the web, if anyone can read chinese, then he/she can prove it.

    sorry, i got to leave for a few hour, then i will com back to reply the other post.
    20061015_204243_40.jpg lv1.JPG
  12. i don't understand this at all..can anyone explain? its either im stupid, or im stupid
  13. where are the pics?

  14. I don't get that part, either.
  15. i agree with's not economically efficient...Sorry that's one of majors in clg rite now heheh
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