Click here if you ordered the LE Magentas!


Yes I ordered the

  1. Magenta LE RH and/or

  2. Magenta LE GH Gold and/or

  3. Magenta LE GH Silver

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  1. Sorry new poll so those who ordered more than one can participate!:yahoo:
  2. bump
  3. wonder how many of us are among the lucky 300!
  4. i ordered the RH... it will be my first balenciaga! :yahoo:
  5. me, me, me!! it's my first bbag too!!! (the first of many more to come...:graucho:)
  6. I ordered RH. The wait is driving me nuts!:nuts:
  7. i ordered RH too!!!
  8. I'll be the...5th? on this thread for RH? :p
  9. RH Here.
  10. Gold GH and have been second-guessing myself ever since...???!!!
  11. ooh no, maggien, why are you second guessing yourself?!
  12. beofre I canceled my order I ordered the Magenta with regular hw.
  13. don't second guess, honey - I got Gold GH too - it's gonna be FABULOUS!!

    : D
  14. Hey, InCoralBlue said he thought that Magenta with Gold would rock ... so there ya have it from the master! ;)