Click, and $1 will be donated to fight heart disease!!

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  1. This came up in the thread about Toni Braxton wearing the Campbell's Soup dress. Campbell's teamed up with the American Heart Association, and if you go to this website and click on the "go" button, $1 will be donated to the AHA.

    Designer Lisa Perry designed three dresses for Campbell's and people voted on their favorite. Everytime they voted, $1 was donated, and Toni Braxton wore the winning one to an event. It's pretty ugly, but it was for a great cause.

  2. I kinda like the dress... at least she has the body to wear it! They could have made the circle at the belt-line look more like the golden seal on the can though... that color really throws it off.

    Clicking away! Thanks for the heads up!
  3. Cool!!! Nice dress! Cool concepts!

    Don't know if it is legal, but I hit "reload" for 10X plus already and clicked the "Go" button. I will try to revisit the page to put in more clicks. Hope it work that way as well.... all for a healthier HEART:heart::heart::heart: and a better mankind!
  4. lolitakali, i did the same!!!!
    i clicked, exited the page, then went back and clicked again!!!
    hope it works!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. ^^^ I've been doing the same, I hope it works!
  6. Thanks for sharing the info, clicking!
  7. I did that a few times too. I closed the window and clicked the link again. Hope it works. Says up to $75,000.