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  1. my birthday is comming up monday and ive been thinking of things to ask for. I just got another Hermes belt so I figured I dont really need another one so soo. But one thing thats always been on my mind is the clic-clac's with the 'H' on them. but I kind of live nowhere near shopping(especially Hermes) so I cant really try one on so all I have is
    and once when i went to a store the SA told me that they make them for men too.. but I was wondering if the womens would fit men..or if they would look bad..any guys tried the clic-clacs or any girls know? and do you think the big H or the little H would look better?
    thanks :smile:
    (dno if this was the right place to post this either.sorry if its wrong!)
  2. You will definitely need a bigger one. The smaller one (in girth, not width) are quite small and I can't imagine them fitting a guy's arm.
    You have the thin ones and the wider ones and each of those comes in a PM (small) and GM (bigger) size.
    I once saw a male SA at Hermes wear the thin version in black and it looked pretty good.
  3. so i would need a GM? and they dont come in GM online?
    i do have kind of small wrists cause im only 16 but i dont know still.
  4. It's possible that you can't buy the GM size online.
    But you can phone a boutique close to you and have them send it to you.
    If in doubt go the bigger size. Really.
  5. What measurement is your wrist? I think max 6.5" would fit.
  6. How can you tell if you have a PM or a GM? I have one of the wider ones, and I wasn't aware that there were size differences, I just bought what they had. I'd love to know before buying more...
  7. Only by comparing or measuring. They're not marked PM or GM unfortunately.
  8. ^^^yes, it is very frustrating to try to buy them on line. Would someone with a gm (size, not wideth) measure it???
  9. thanks for the info. anyone know (or can you point me to a thread...) that lists the PM and GM measurements? I'd assume you measure the diameter...

    Also, which would you say is stocked more? I feel like when you go to an Hermes boutique and see the case of clic clacs in all the colors, they're generally all the same size. Is that more often one size over the other?

    thank you :flowers: