clic clac question

  1. I don't own one of these but have tried them on. I seem to remember that there is a pm and gm -- referring not to the width of the bracelet, but to the wrist size (if that makes any sense). Does anyone know if this is true, and what the difference is in size?
  2. That's right, there's a PM and GM referring to wrist size.
    IIRC, the difference is 0,5 cm or thereabouts. The PM is for really slim wrists. If in doubt, take the GM.
  3. ^^the GM fit perfectly in the store. It's just that on eBay, they give weird measurements and I can't tell if it's PM or GM! Rats.
  4. What are the measurements? I can't promise but I might be able to tell which size it is.
  5. I believe the PM is 2.5 inches in diameter, and the GM is 2.75. This is true for the plain enamels anyway...I assume the Clic-Clac would be the same?????
  6. LV ---aaahhhh.... Ruffian.... What a horse!

    I think the clic clacs probably work a little different in diameters as the enamels have to be slid over the hand and you couldnt' do that with teh clic clac.

    I sold a PM clic clac a while ago and measured it, I can dig up my post and compare with the measurements you find in the eBay listing, Lulilu
  7. The auction says 5.5 cm or 2.16" inside diameter. Thanks for the help, hello!
  8. Ooooh, good point-sorry! So, pretty small for a PM clic-clac!
  9. Just measured my PM clic clac at approx 2.5 inches inside measurement Lulilu. So the one you're describing sounds like a PM.

    Also the PMs are more of an oval shape than the GMs which I believe are more round.

  10. Thanks girls!!!
  11. Yup, I am pretty sure it's a PM.
  12. I have a small wrist and can wear the PM Clic Clac just fine. It fits so well. I've tried on the PM "regular" enamel bracelets and they seemed huge on me, unfortunately! So, you really can't compare to the "regular" enamels, size-wise.
  13. Agree with Kallie. The regular PM enamel bracelets fall off my small wrist but I can wear a PM click clak and even tried on a GM and it didn't fall off. The oval shape makes a big difference in the way it fits.