clic clac question

  1. hi all!

    i got the clic clac my mom bought for my bday today. i wore it all day and of course when we were at Saks i hit it pretty hard at the elevator and scratched the back. on the very first day of owning it :sad: do you know if h can buff the scratch out or if anyone can? it's right on the silver part in back and it's pretty bad. thanks!
  2. Aw, H sorry to hear that. I am thinking H should be able to take care of that for you. I hope you had a really nice day.
  3. Thanks. we bought out bg and i got something at Saks. it was nice. it started off pretty bad (ie our trip to h) but it got much better...
  4. Do tell!!!
  5. H, sorry to hear that! First day, a real bummer. I'd be careful letting certain SAs handle it, there was a story a while ago of some H SA scratching a bracelet badly while trying to buff it.
  6. hmm, what happened at H?
  7. ^^ yes...
  8. Happy birthday hlfinn and I'm sorry about your bracelet. I've never gotten a deep scratch on the hardware, though I have chipped the enamel a few times. Did you get any other goodies? :nuts:
  9. i didn't get anything at h. basically we went to get the pencil refills for my mom and i wanted to try on a massai and kelly and she got really mad and was like i don't know why we're even in here which spiraled in to a gigantic fight about me wanting her to buy me a bag and i don't need one and how i would have tried it on and given her a look begging her to buy it and she would have felt bad and on and on. and then it started to rain and i was very upset as i really just wanted to try them on. i was all dressed up and my hair looked good and i really thought it would be fun.

    anyway we went to bg and each got 5 pairs of shoes (!) and i got a whole bunch of tory burch clothing and a tote and a dvf wrap top and then we went to Saks and i got a cashmere blanket and we ended up having a ton of fun so it all worked out in the end. i hate hate hate it when we fight which is pretty much everytime we get together. she said we're just oil and water. sigh.

    lunch with her and my brother was nice though. and she bought my niece the rhinestone chanel necklace i almost bought with you guys and my brother gave it to my niece tonight and she flipped. so all is right in the world...
  10. I am glad it worked out. You'll have to model all your new stuff for us so we can drool!
  11. Happy Birthday, hlfinn!!! Sorry to hear about your clic clac but I am sure H can take care of that for ya. So glad you had fun on your day!
  12. ^What a fun end to your birthday. I'm sorry about the fuss at first, but it sounds like it went perfectly after that! Yay HLFINN!
  13. H, I feel you. That's how it is with me and my mom too. Except that we don't really fight because it's my duty to just listen to her and suffer in silence.

    I do hear that in certain families yelling at each other is an expression of love too, it gets the stuff out of the system. See how well you got along AFTER the fight. ;)
  14. hlfinn, am sorry to hear about what happened in h...i can relationships are complicated. glad that the day ended up on a positive note. i love the bg shoe dept.! happy belated b-day. am not sure what to say about the clic clac, i have several and they have gotten lightly scratched over time, but no big injuries.
  15. yeah maybe i'll take a pic of it tomorrow to show you guys. it's pretty bad.

    thanks everyone.

    omg i cannot even begin to take pics. first of all everything we got from bg is being sent to my mom's house. i don't know how we would have carried 5 pairs of shoes and the clothing. lol. all i have here is the cashmere throw. i cannot wait to get the shoes though. i ADORE every single pair. eek! i am so thrilled though that my mom got 5 pairs- 4 manolo and 1 pair of chanel flats. nothing and i mean NOTHING makes me happier than her buying things for herself. she works so hard and doesn't treat herself the way she should sometimes.

    i am mad at myself a little because i swore i would not fight with her today (we fought a little last night at an event thing we went to) but it happened anyway :sad: i hate fighting with her...