Clic Clac + LOVE

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  1. hi guys!

    I have a YG love and i wanted to get a H Clic Clac to stack with it and i have a few questions since it'll be my first H! :smile:

    My LOVE is size 16 - anyone with the same size have any experience stacking it with the smaller clic clac? does it roll over the LOVE at all or are the shapes/sizes similar enough? its certainly not worth scratching up over something 1/10th of the price!

    lastly... advice on colors! :smile: i always had my heart set on the black enamel with gold, today i became fascinated with white + gold but NOW... o.m.g.! i was trolling around and came across this thread and omg... please look at this COLOR:


    anyone know if the narrow bracelet is available in that color (blue royal)? so so so obsessed! that exact shade of blue + gold is my fav combo to wear lately, SEE?! lol:


    this will be my first hermes experience, how readily available are colors in the boutique? I'm planning on getting this piece in Dubai in a couple weeks :smile: any help would be greatly appreciated, thank youu!!

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  2. sorry to go off topic, but i love everything in the last photo. Is your ring a tiffany soleste? And where did you get your jacket from?
  3. aww thank you!!! my fiance actually recreated the Harry Winston micropavé ring, its a single halo i believe the soleste is a double halo? i've attached a better shot of it. and my sleeve is actually a dress not a jacket! from caché :smile: i'll dig up a photo of it soon!

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  4. Yes a double halo. Your ring looks stunning anyway, so much bling but still so elegant :biggrin: can't wait for the photo of your dress :smile:
  5. Sorry to be off topic too but the sleeve!!!! Yes Please do post a pic of the dress!

    And to answer your question, I have the white with YG clic clac and much prefer that over the black..