clic clac help

  1. good morning H ladies :smile:
    I wanted to buy a clic clac bangle for my best friend for her birthday...Can someone tell me the price difference between the narrow one and the wide one? also, is there a price diff between the paladium and the gold one?

    thanks so much!!
  2. ohhh, I don't know bc my husband buys them for me, but I just wanted to say that you are just the kind of friend I'd like to have!
  3. Be my friend!!!!

    The prices: the narrow is $ 455 and the wide is $480 in the Pal h/w. No diff between pal and gold h/w.
  4. :::shoving rose aside:::
    ::::gently of course:::

    i'm in the market for a new BFF. ;) :flowers:
  5. They come in two sizes in addition to two widths. Website only offers the pm which is the smaller one. I was told by an SA that they are not meant to slide around a lot and are supposed to fit more like the LOVE bracelet by Cartier. If she likes a bracelet that is more "bangle"/sliding around the GM is a better size.
  6. your friend is very lucky! These bracelets are gorgeous.
  7. Absolutely!

    What a wonderful thing for a birthday... an orange box from a friend! :heart: