Clic-clac fit? Like a bangle?

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  1. Do you fit your clic-clacs more like a bangle bracelet or tighter, more like a watch?
    I just got my first :biggrin:, and the boutique told me to fit it snugly below the wrist bone (toward the hand), which it does (PM).
    The GM size really fit like a bangle and slides up and down my arm.
    But I do find it noticeable when I twist my wrist.
    Maybe I'm an in between size.

    Sorry if I put this question in the wrong place
  2. Hey A, nice to see you. I have an average wrist and the PM fits me surprisingly tight, more like a watch. I sized up to a GM because I wanted it to move around, like a bangle. Really just a matter of personal taste. :yes:
  3. Thanks mistikat! Hmm, I can't decide.
    Cosmo - when it fits likes bangle does the H roll to the bottom? I'm so unsured, but when I turn my wrist my (old) skin wrinkles a bit, so I think the GM may be more flattering. :amuse:
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    I wear mine (PM) loose like a bangle so it moves about an inch down towards my hand, i can't stand anything fitted on my wrists - i have my watch slightly loose too.
  5. Mmm the clic clac definitely has a more oval shape to it so it won't rotate on your wrist as easily. I wear the PM and it can slide up and down my arm (I have very slender wrists), but it only turns if I actually turn it myself.
  6. Thanks for your input everyone, I swapped it for a GM this morning and am really happy with the size!
  7. Also standard size wrist, I wear both PM/GM.

    I wear PM when I want to stack with my Love bracelet, not a fan of noisy clinking/clanking lol...
    (CDCs are another category)

    The GM, on the other hand, I use to stack tourmaline wrap bracelets, diamond bracelet, pearls, spikes for added movement.

  8. Glad it worked out. :smile:
  9. I wear mine like a watch and above the wrist bone as well. I don't like it to spin around too much (it does if I purposely turn it), otherwise it stays in place comfortably :smile:

    Glad it worked out for you and you got the best fit!