clic-clac bracelet sizes???

  1. does the clic-clac bracelet come in PM and GM sizes like the bangles? and if so, does anyone know the measurments, since they're oblong rather than round? :confused1:

  2. DQ, I am wearing a PM today, the inner diameters are approx. 5.8 cm by 5.1 cm in the other dimension. Am not sure of the GM measurements.
  3. thanks, pepper!
  4. one more thing...the PM clic clac I have on today is one with the H clasp--I think it might be very slightly bigger than the PM ones with the simple non-H clasp--let me know if you want me to measure one of those later--
  5. I don't have the size measured, but they are more fitted and don't twirl around like a bangle. I love mine!
  6. thanks, pepper -- but that was close enough for rock-n-roll!

    shoes, i don't remember seing your clic-clac -- is it the H or one of the enamel designs?
  7. Here's the pic - such a pretty color! Love it....I had one with the gold but decided I wanted the silver more...

    Weds. 002.jpg
  8. Hi, to put it in perspective, I'm wearing a PM H clic clac and a PM bangle right now and the bangle easily slides past the clic clac almost without touching.