Clever Advertising

  1. Saw this from another message board, and thought y'all would get a good chuckle out of watching those clever advertising pictures

    Clever Advertising
  2. Those are great. I loved the coffee one, very clever.
  3. lol, very clever! i liked the papa john's one.
  4. Those are great! I love the coffee man hole covers!
  5. haha, that's great.
  6. The coffee one really is funny because while the steam that issues from manhole covers is warm and steamy (naturally), um, it sure doesn't smell like coffee. :lol:
  7. Haha, funny! THanks for posting.
  8. Some of those are really clever! How come TV ads can't be clever too?? Instead they are just loud and obnoxious.

    I love how the coffee-manhole cover blurb says at the end 'unfortunately the steam is from the sewer below'!!
  9. Way cool!
  10. Hahah I wonder how the coffee one looks in real life...
  11. I like those! I wish I could see one IRL.
  12. I love the afro one. It must be really funny if the person sitting in front of it doesn't realize it, and is wondering why everyone is laughing at him.
  13. I like all of them!!
  14. [SIZE=-1]I’m glad you liked those ads. I kind of thought you would. ;)[/SIZE]
  15. OMG @ the Sofitel urinals! :shocked:

    Thanks for sharing!! Loved it!