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  1. I was thinking about getting a coin pouch (cles). Which print do you think I should get? And I don't live near a store so I would have to order it online. So I was wondering what it comes with? Thanks!!
  2. I have the mono and DE and I love the DE a lot more. So DE gets my vote
  3. I'm a guy too. Haha. Would I use it?
  4. Totally my bf has azur and DE he also uses my mono and he is a guys guy if you know what I mean.
  5. I have tennis shoes in Damier Ebene, a backpack in Damier Graphite, Monogram Card Holder, Monogram wallet, Keychain, Monogram backpack, and a Damier Ebene Keepall 55.. Just so everyone knows (; haha love you guys!
  6. Me too. Haha I know what you mean.
  7. Get the Azur print or DE

    Nice collection BTW
  8. I think DE would be great with what you already have. It's a very useful piece.
  9. I have the azur cles, I use it every single day, my card holder is neglected. It's super convenient! Though azur gets easily dirty and I already have some color transfers from my dark denim. I clean it every so often. I would suggest DE! Any pattern you get is awesome! I wish they came out with one in DGraphite or D-Infini!
  10. I definitely use mine everyday but I have the Black Multicolore one. I recommend the Damier Ebene since it looks a bit more masculine :biggrin:
  11. Mono.
  12. I have a video of my mono cles on my YouTube channel listed below. Just click on the link and search "Louis Vuitton Palermo PM and Key Pouch" video and you should be able to see what it comes with. You can fit about 10 credit cards in it :biggrin: I also have a video on the Black Multicolore Cles too if you also want to know how that one is too.
  13. I like mono the best. I use mine every day and it really comes in handy to put cards in there that you use so you don't have to dig into your wallet. I think a guy could totally rock a cles!
  14. De!
  15. Im thinking either Mono or DE, because I like both (: but right now I can't afford both so I must pick one lol