1. As you all know, I am buying a Pochette and I have enough money to buy a cles ( :yahoo: ) .... Which cles should i get?

    Monogram Canvas
    Damier Azur

  2. I'd get the groom just because it's limited, the others you can always get later on.
  3. :yes:
  4. Agreed, go groom !
  5. same for me! groom all the way
  6. You didn't list the perfo! It's limited, almost gone, my favorite and one of the largest cles!
  7. I´d say groom but the damier azur is hot too! Í was screwed on the cles since I´ve got 3 ands I was thinking about getting the groom and azur ones but I think i´ve had enough with the ones I have, cause I´m so moody and I´d hate spending a lot of money in things that I´ll never get to use at all. I saw the grrom IRL and I was a little dissapointed, most because some groom pieces owners say the picture is brushing off the piece, I´ve also heard it about the multicolor ones. I´d say the damier azur.

    or why dont u buy the matching one for your pochette? it would be nice too. anyway let us know what you bought!
  8. if you're not going for the groom, i say perfo! :smile:
  9. groom or perfo!
  10. Right on Syntagma! Perfo is gorgeous! :nuts:
  11. OMG! i totally forgot! the perfo is now on the list
  12. Perfo
  13. okk. if i were to get the perfo, what color ( it never stops...)
  14. perfo
  15. for some reason i like the perfo in green... don't know why... but i like the vernis cles in framboise...
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