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  1. I was just wondering...what do you use your cles for?

    I've seen it as a charm but is it actually usefull (I don't doudt the fact that they are indeed very cute)? It doesn't seem to hold much inside, does it?:confused1:

    By the way I love this one
  2. Search is a wonderful tool. There are so many threads on this topic.

    Use the search with cles in subject (only) and within the Lv forum,. You'll find a ton of topic's and uses :smile:
  3. you can use it for, keys, Ipod nano, coins and notes, anything small
  4. i purchased the damier cles for my sister...she uses it to put cash, cards and keys. i think sophia618 uses them with attached lanyards for multiple keys & car's really a great idea. you should search for more threads on this.

    btw socialite: great idea for the ipod nano/shuffle....i should get one for my shuffle! :biggrin:
  5. Yup, I use mine for CC's, cash, coins, a bag charm, etc. They're really one of the most useful pieces LV makes, IMO.
  6. I use mine for cash and coins.:yes:
  7. hehehe....thank you Nakolulu.....:p :heart:

    i use 2 of them for my car and my DH's car.... i use cell phone ranyards to i can tuck the keys inside and won't scratch other things in my bag....specially my vernis wallet and agenda!!!! and you can keep them pretty 'thin' this way!

    you can use them as a bag charm too!!

    i have 2 more.... i can use them as a change purse....or gift cards holder...cute to put bandaid in it too!:p
    DSC08236.JPG DSC08238.JPG DSC08261.JPG DSC08240.JPG DSC08262.JPG
  8. ipod nano holder, CC and other cards holder, I use it for gum sometimes too
  9. There are tons of posts about cles - please do a search and I'm sure you will find the info you need. Thanks!
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