Clés + Zipper puller

  1. I have no idea if you'll understand what I'm getting at but I'll have a try. My wallet doesn't have enough card slots so I want to get a cles so I can put my extra cards in there. The thing is that I'd like to attach it to my wallets zipper puller. You know how there is a small whole in the LV zipper pullers. Do you think that the thing in the cles which you can open in order to attach it to something will fit into the whole of the zipper puller? I know, I'm sorry for the confusing explanation. :confused1:
  2. oops... of course I meant that there is a hole and not a whole. silly me :p Anyone? Or did you even understood what I meant?
  3. no. it's too big. the cles part fits keys, not the lil attaching part to the zipper in a wallet. if you want, you can just get a credit card holder.. it holds an extra like 10 cards i think.
  4. That's what I thought too :sad: It would have been really practical to have all the extra cards hanging on the wallet so I wouldn't have look for an extra piece from my purse when I needed both of them. Thanks frozen7313 for your help!