Cles- What Fits in yours?

  1. what kind of Cles do you have and what all fits in there ?
    Thanks :p
  2. What does it look like?
  3. I have a cerise cles and I have about 5-6 cards in it, Supermarket cards, cc's I don't use often, etc.
  4. I have a black Suhali Cles that I use mainly for change.
  5. I have the azur cles that can fit my keys, ID's, other cards, and a bit of cash for running around on campus :yes:
  6. Epi Cles

    fits my metro card and other transport cards, a few dollars =) could fit more than that though!
  7. i have a white MC cles... and it fits about 4 ccs/atm cards. and i can fit some folded paper money inside too.
  8. I have a Perfo cles that I use as my wallet. I have about six cards and some cash in it.
  9. I have a vernis cles and I actually store my keys within it. Not very useful right now. :push:
  10. i have a perfo i keep my cc's in it and i just got myself a mono to put coins in because i dun want to ruin the suede inside the perfo.
  11. 2 vernis, perle and lavender, 1 mono, 1 azur, using azur today for license, bank and credit card, using groom ronde for change and bills folded tightly..

    Have used my cles' for keys, cards and cash and as charms!
  12. Here are pics
    IMG_4887i.jpg IMG_4885i.jpg IMG_4927.jpg
  13. Great questions - I have been wondering the same! One more question - when the cles is fully loaded with keys and frequent shopper tags (as mine would be!) how easy is it to attach it to the d-ring inside a bag? Do the keys fall off or get in the way? Thanks!!!
  14. I use mine to store my keys in so that the stuff in my bag don't get scratched up.
  15. i have a black Epi P.Cles and it usually contains my coins during the day but i also take it with me when i go out at night. i carry with me my ID, credit card, ATM card, tram ticket and money.