Cles...what do you put in it?

  1. Thinking about getting a cles...the pomme vernis. It seems rather small so I'm just wondering what everyone uses theirs for? I was thinking of using it to hold my cell phone, but wondering if it can actually fit one. TIA!
  2. i just use my cles when i use my pochette...i put some bills and credit cards in it..i have the noisette vernis cles.
  3. I leave my keys dangling from the hook. Inside I place an ID, Health Insurance Card, 2 CCs and a $20. I recently saw a picture of someone putting thier rd ipod nano into the red cles. It looked amazing.
  4. i have the monogram cles & i place my keys & some cards in it.
  5. don't think you can fit a cell phone in it...I have the pochette cles, and I use mine for gift cards!
  6. I use mine for my iPod nano.
  7. I just got mine and I put all my cards, ID, and have my keys hanging from the key chain. They are useful if you don't want to carry a wallet.
  8. I use the cles when I use my pochette. I'll put my ID, c/c and some cash in it. The cles is also perfect to use while jogging, going clubbing, or running quick errands.
  9. i put spare cash in it, sometimes cc & cell phone. the le pomme cles is a tad larger.
  10. The vernis cles is a bit too small for me, I find it can tightly hold about 2 credit cards and a few coins. The new one can hold a lot more but I like the original design better
  11. I have the multicles rabat and I put my cell phone and some cash in it!
  12. I put my ID, ATM card and a few coins (for parking) in it.
  13. Simone,
    I have been interested in the multicles rabat for some time now. Any chance you have pics of the inside? The LV site doesn't show it on the interior.
    Thanks so much!
  14. I had a vernis cles, but hardly used it because I was afraid it would get knocked around. I am selling it. However, I did keep my subway card, a couple of coffee discount cards, and my IDs in it, as well as spare change for the bus.