Cles? What are they good for??

  1. Just a quick question (since I'm still learning about everything LV!) LOL! So please excuse my ignorance, (or stupidness). :graucho: But I feel there are no better people to ask Than you guys! (All Pro's)!

    What do you use your Cles for? I think they are really cute, but what do you do with them? LOL! Is it for Credit Cards, Keys?

    Thanks in Advance!
  2. I put my license, credits cards, etc that I might need to grab quickly. I put it on the d-ring in my bigger bags. I have one, and I really, really want one in amarante!
  3. I use my cles daily for coins as I do not like my wallet to be heavy or thick when I use the coin compartment in my wallet. I never leave home without a cles. My favourite are from the monogram groom collection.
  4. I don't use my Cles as much as I used to, but when I do use it, I store coins inside.
  5. Same here! Expcept for the fact that I have a cles to match every bag I have! I love them so much! I use one everyday!
  6. Spare change, CC's, ID's, spare cash, keys, as a bag charm, etc.
    I have 9 so I find all kinds of uses for them. :p
  7. Wow! So they're collectable! LOL! :roflmfao:
    Cool! I am going to get one I think! Thanks guys!
  8. I know it does work for a lot of people. I have to say, I have had a few cles and they don't work too much for me. This works very well for me though, my pochette mm.
  9. My Monogram Perfo (slightly larger than canvas pochette cles') is great as a wallet substitute. Fits cards, notes and coins AND I attach my keys to the chain, then stick in pocket. Very handy :smile:

  10. I have one strictly for change .. and another strictly for keys.. I've also used them for some cash, id & cc's too.
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    I love it! That's adorable, as is the perfo one! (I really want the perfo speedy in Pink!) LOL!
    Those are great alternatives!:tup:
  12. I want one, but can't find a use!
  13. I use mine for my subway cards and my work ID. Things I need to whip out in a jiffy.
  14. LOL~That's why I figured I'd ask, because I really did not know what it was used for! LOL!
  15. They're very collectible, I think.. a nice way to try out a piece of each range without having to spend bazillions on the larger items! Plus it's also a quick, fun way to change the look of a bag by just clipping a different Cles aboard.

    Here's some different looks I tried out and posted in the Cles thread awhile back..

    Mostly though I like using mine attached to my Agenda. I started off doing this when I attached a Damier Cles to my Damier Koala Agenda which I use as a wallet. Into the Cles I put a mini pen and coins. Now I have a Damier Large Ring Agenda I have clipped my Cherry Blossom Cles to that too! I've got a red Epi Agenda MM on it's way soon and it's become such a habit now to put Cles into them that I'm now wondering what one to get? :p