cles vs porte-monnaie plat

  1. I need some advice... I'm looking for a small wallet (to fit cc, money, coins) for my smaller purses (like pochettes) and can't decided between porte-monnaie plat and cles... what do you all think?

    if i get the cles, it would be the green perfo (via eluxury) because it's the biggest cles (although i also like the azur cles too :shrugs:), or should i get the mc porte-monnaie plat (in white) like the one shown below:

    eLUXURY - Louis Vuitton - null

    but if i get porte-monnaie plat, i may get it used through eBay cause i'm seeing some really good deals in great condition....

    i'm confused... :shrugs:
  2. I always prefer the cles, I don't need to clutter or weigh mybag down with other small pieces. That's just me!
  3. I think the Monnaie Plat is better than the Cles.
  4. Get the Porte Monnaie :yes: It fits a lot more than the cles and is perfect for pochettes! I would trade in all my various cles for a PMP if they existed in those lines.
  5. I agree. A cles is good for VERY small bags...but a PMP organizes things better.
  6. I have the portemonnaie plat in black and white and use them for winter/summer respectively. I also have many cles but I find the portemonnaie with two compartments better for money and cards.
  7. CLES!!! :yes:

  8. I love the cles and I have one that I've gotten a lot of use out of, but the PMP just looks cuter to me!
  9. i love both

    cles is practical

    monnaie is cute
  10. I have both, I have MC cles that I keep my keys on and shove money into if I'm running in somwhere. Then I just got a mono porte-monnaie plat to keep my cash and coins in, I really like it. Plus its perfect size for a small or large bag!!! :yes:
  11. Couldn't have said it better. (I own the pmp in Monogram Canvas.)