cles vs. ludow?

  1. Alright, so you all know I went a little LV crazy today. ;) And part of the craziness was the groom cles and pomme ludow I bought at the boutique. In my crazy fevor I didn't realize that it had 3 slots, perfect for me, but the cles basically has the same function. I love the groom for its history and what it represents and will put my keys on it, and I love the pomme for its juicy red color and I believe in that superstition with red wallets.. so those with cles' and wallets, how do you use both?
  2. I dont know how to answer your Q..but I want to know..whats the superstition?!
  3. lol! Yes!I put my keys in the cles, and my money in the ludlow, and some cards. Then I use my Porte Tresor! Weird I know!
  4. I'd keep the Ludlow.
    I love my mono clefs, but the chipping on the zipper pull annoys the heck out of me..Makes it look cheap-fake even :sad:
  5. I'd keep the Ludlow also. There's a bit more space in there if you need it for cards, etc.
  6. Keep the ludlow, very useful! Always good in a clutch for a night out :biggrin:
  7. Love the Ludlow! especially in juicy red colour! i might be tempted to get one myself :p
  8. Coin in cles and note in ludlow....
  9. That's how I would use them both! :yes:
  10. I had a ludlow.. but I never really used it, mostly just cause I was too annoyed about that bill folding business. You can stretch out the pockets to put more cards in, up to 2-3 cards per slot as well. :yes:
  11. Unless you are a small hand bag person I seen no use for the ludlow. The cles is more useful, it will hold at least 10 cards with no problem,some change and your keys.
    My mono cles gets abused and Ilove it.I'm currently using my vernis one and i have 3 cards in there its stiff.
  12. Both are pretty useful to me if I don't have to carry a bunch of stuff. I like the cles for going out on the town because it carries only what I need (ID, debit card and my keys). I carry the ludlow for everyday, however it too doesn't hold a lot of stuff (the card pockets are pretty tight, and there are only three of them).
  13. If I use them together, the cles will be for coins and receipts. In the Ludlow, I'll put in folded cash and credit cards/ID.
  14. I have a ludlow, I like it a lot. It's light, convenient, and doesn't take too much space in my purse. I don't have a Cles, but will be getting one soon.
  15. Thats a good idea, thanks! I do love both, and I am a small bag/clutch person, I'm just thinking should I get a different pomme wallet instead because of the cles.