cles vs. flat pouch...

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  1. i really want a flat pouch. like really, really. i unexpectedly went to the boutique today and even though i'll probably have to call around for it if i want it, my SA told me they never even got any in, just heart purses. so i could not tell the size, but i just checked the dimensions and it sounds really small. i wasn't expecting it to be big, but it seems like it may even be just slightly bigger, if not the same size as a vernis cles. does anyone have both the flat pouch and the cles? any pics of them next to each other to compare size? i really originally wanted the flat pouch to carry a couple pieces of jewelry in when i travel, but is it too small?

    i hope not...i still really want it.
  2. cles, if you are going to attach your keys to it.
  3. no keys. i don't attach my keys to my cles -- they would get ruined b/c i throw my keys around.
  4. The Pouch is way bigger than the Cles. I've seen it IRL.
  5. Also to add, another PFer put their Razr inside. If that can help you imagine the size.
  6. oooo goodie. yay. so getting one now :biggrin: just wish i could purchase it from my own SA at my own boutique :sad:
  7. I have both the flat pouch and a damier cles..IMO flat pouch fits more than a cles, more bills, more cards. I have an easier time taking my money in and out of the flat pouch than with the cles, my bills always get stuck in the zipper :sad: .

    I was able to fit a mac lipgloss and a small smashbox lipgloss in the FP also and it didn't really bulge.

    I'm sure jewellry will fit in there, i will test it out for you when I get home...I would be afraid of a necklace slipping on the side...if you keep it loose unless you have a little cloth holder for it (like tiffany's). In which case you should be fine!

    FYI, there is also a compartment on the back of the FP to use for receipts or bills also if you didn't know!
  8. From what I saw in different pictures, the pouch is bigger than the cles. I'm still waiting for my pouch to come in as well since my boutique still hasn't received them yet.
  9. yes -- i have tried several times to stick cash in my cles and always end up getting frusterated because it always gets caught. this way with no zipper, i won't have that problem :biggrin: and that's awesome that you could fit lipgloss. if i could fit my razr, a mini lip gloss and a couple bills, this would be perfect for me. and yes normally when i travel, i put my jewelry in 1.5"x1.5" plastic ziplocs. the tiny little plastic bags :biggrin: that way necklaces don't get tangled and stuff.
  10. I think you should be fine then! You can put your razr, lipgloss in the main in the small compartment in the front and bills in the back compartment!

  11. what color are you getting pomme?
  12. I would get the flat pouch too. :biggrin:
  13. yes. i want a pomme. i saw a perle billfold today. i want a perle ludlow to go in a pomme lexington when i end up getting that, but it made me nervous about color transfer when i saw the inside of the lexington is bare leather. but i'm so stuck on the perle and pomme together that i'm even willing to keep the ludlow in its little dust pouch inside my lexington, even though i would have to take it out of the pouch everytime i would pay for something, at least i wouldn't have to worry about my ludlow turning pink and red.
  14. although...the ludlow is pretty small and fits very comfortably in the lexington and i don't carry a lot, it wouldn't be squished against the sides or anything...
  15. you can fit c/cs cash a razr cell or an ipod! its big for being tiny!