Cles - Vernis or Groom?


Cles - Pomme Vernis or Mono Groom

  1. Pomme Vernis

  2. Mono Groom

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  1. I just bought a Vernis Cles in Pomme but after 1 day, I find it's not really my type and I'm currently looking at Groom. I might want to go back tomorrow and exchange it.

    Should I?


  2. love both
  3. hummmm i really like both!!! tough decision!

    get both!!!!
  4. The pomme case is gorgeous! Keep it for sure!
  5. get the groom, the pomme's gunna be around for a little longer, the groom isnt :sad:
  6. The pomme is absolutely stunning, but if you don't love it then you should exchange it.
  7. Since you don't love it, get the groom!
  8. I agree. Both are yummy. But if you find you'll use the groom more, make an exchange.
  9. Go for the Groom:heart:
  10. Get both!! :graucho:
  11. The groom is to cute.
  12. grooooooooooooom
  13. vernis...but in another color. ;)
  14. I love the groom. I'm looking to get that piece too! :tup:
  15. I like both...but you'll have to be careful with the groom...because the painted on character can chip off from excessive use!