cles suggestions?

  1. Which cles do you all think would look the best hanging from a mono speedy? I think the look is so cute, but just can't decide!
  2. Hmmm... I think Pomme looks cute with mono. Some people don't though. There is a pic around here somewhere.
  3. I think a vernis pomme cles would look great.
  4. Any of the vernis range would be so nice.
  5. go for the groom! it complements it with the monogram and the stripes! i think it would look great!
  6. I like the groom, but I'm afraid of it chipping or wearing off over time...I heard about that in another thread and now I'm a little freaked out!
  7. Pomme, Groom, Monogram;)
  8. Pomme would look GREAT on a mono!
  9. Pomme, framboise or perle! I think all things vernis would look very cute with monogram!
  10. Any color in vernis or the damier azur!
  11. Framboise or Pomme vernis for sure!
  12. Pomme,perfo, Groom!!!
  13. I'm liking the pomme a lot nowadays !