Cles questions

  1. I've never owned a cles and want to get one. I need something for small bags when I go out a night.

    Which cles will hold credit cards comfortably? How many?
    Will any of the cles also hold a Razr cell?
  2. Out of my three cles (mono, vernis, CB) the mono is the largest. I think out of ALL the cles, the perfo or the charms cles are the largest.

    My mono cles can fit around 10 cards plus coins and bills. (Same size as damier/azur)

    Can't help you with the RAZR though...but I think the mono/perfo/damier/azur/charms cles should let it fit inside.
  3. I have a Perfo cles and it fits my RAZR phone in there pretty well. I can't fit much more in there though. Maybe just a couple of cards.
  4. The RAZRs are a bit too large to fit comfortably in a Cles IMO. The largest ones are the Mono, Damier Ebene and Damier Azur as well as the Cerises, Perfo and Charms ones but those are LE.
    I'd guess these would fit maybe 8-10 cards comfortably. Maybe more, I've just never been a fan of stuffing things.
  5. I stuff my mono cles. I have over 12 cards and some money in mine.
  6. yes, I got my cles for that very reason.

    I got it the same time that I purchased my mono-satin evening bag.

    I have the vernis cles in like a beige colour!
  7. Im also curious as to how much a vernis cles holds, I know they are somehwta smaller than the mono. TIA.
  8. I just went through this dilemma about 10 days ago. I bought the vernis cles, then 2 days later bought the Groom cles. Both came from eluxury. The Vernis is a little longer than the Groom. I still wasn't sure about my choices, so I ordered the Perfo cles. All came from eluxury. They were so nice that they let me return one and gave me free shipping on my new Perfo cles. I had intended on returning the Groom but once the Perfo arrived, I decided that I probably wouldn't use the Vernis (in Framboise...yes, it was lovely) as often as the other two. So...I kept the Perfo. :tup:It holds quite a bit more than the Groom. Look it up on eluxury or Louis Vuitton and see the dimensions. I chose my two because they will give a little pizazz to my mono bags. The Vernis matches up better to a Multicolore or Vernis bag, however. Just my .02:p

  9. Vernis is the smallest, but so cute. Charms is the largest :smile:
  10. I stuff my mini lin one full of cards (probably have about 15 stuffed in)...I use it for those stupid rewards cards & membership cards!
  11. My mono cles will NOT fit my RAZR cell, the phone is too wide.

    But, for your other needs a cles would be perfect. I always use my cles when I go out at night. It comfortably holds my ID, bankcard, credit card, cash, change, keys, etc.
  12. i love my pomme cles but im really disapointed tht it doesnt fit as much as my cerise one.
  13. My perfo cles will hold about 15 card and so cash.
  14. My damier zaur cles fits what it needs to fit (I also bought it for using little clutch bags) so id, bankcard, couple of credit cards, cash, change, keys, and some bandaids (because pretty shoes hurt my poor feet). I had a RAZR but didn't try to put it in there because I don't want the cles to look 'full.' Now that I have a dash, that surely would not fit, but the cles is great! I recommend whole-heartedly!
  15. You've ended up with pretty much the exact two I'll have arriving next week! I want mine to spiff up my mono Speedies too. :amuse:

    I already own a Damier cles, have the orange Perfo and yellow Groom cles coming, and also have the brown Cherry Blossom one coming next week too. I'll get a pic of them all together, but I doubt a photo will show clearly the small size differences.

    Does anyone know how the Cherry Blossom cles fares in size compared to the others?