cles question

  1. do you put all your money, cards and coins in your cles?
  2. Not all my money but I do use it to keep some coffee change, etc. handy.
  3. I can't really find a use for one....I use my heart MC coin purse for change. I want a denim cles though!
  4. I use my mono for spare change, and the denim cles for keys ... so it does not scratch my other goodies in my bag.
  5. i hold all of my coins, notes and cards in my cles. Not that it can hold alot and i really need to buy a new CC holder soon to keep some of my cards in, but its nice to have all the neccesary stuff together to go shopping.
  6. I keep my most used cards and some spare cash in there for easy access.
  7. I use mine for my subway cards and work badges. I hang it on the outside of my bag so I can get things in and our easily

  8. Card, keys and 20$ for coffee when i'm just out for a quick trip /pick the kids up.
    I dont use it as a wallet.
  9. i think it's cute to use as a wallet tho =) i like that it's so small yet handy
  10. i have two and i love them both!
    i hook my mono one onto my speedy and keep the damier one on my keys. basically i put everything that i can't fit in my wallet and things that i might need to get to quickly (id, school id, sometimes cash)
    ... plus they're just so cute!
  11. I use mine for decorations, I'm strange that way.
  12. pretty much change, sometimes my eyeliner cuz then i always have it on me (lol), my lil gym card is in there cuz it looked ugly on my keychain, and sometimes cash...whatever i need to have easy access to.
  13. halona, yours is shiny and pretty!! nmorra, yours also are so cute!! i'm drooling!!
  14. I put my cc's and my id in mine!
  15. this is gonna sound weired, but when I had my razr, i could fit my razr into my mono cles!