Cles question

  1. I am new to LV and only own one bag..mono speedy 30. (used to be 25, exchanged for a 30, super long story..have matching bag w/ my mom now..will post pics later)

    For those of you that own a cles, do you find it to be useful? I am considering purchasing one, but I was wondering if my money would be better spent towards another bag. (I am intrested in the damier speedy 30) I own many small coach accessories comprable in size to the cles..please share any pros/cons.

    Any preference in canvas type, mono or damier? Keeping in mind that I currently only own a mono speedy (hope to be adding a damier soon) the contrast of the damier better, or matching w/ the mono?

    thanks in advance for your comments!
  2. I have a couple cles....I mainly use my mini lin one to hold all those stupid rewards cards from grocery stores and such. I also use it to fit in my pochettes because a large wallet take sup a lot of room.
    If you decide to get one I say go with mono!
    Although...if you have a lot of Coach accessories, maybe save the $ for another bag.
  3. Well, the coach ones probably fit slightly more. I have a pomme cles, and I love it! I use it as bag charm/business card holder. If I were you, I'd get either pomme or framboise cles. Either looks really pretty with mono.
  4. I say...
    use the money for another bag! :smile:

    Get the mini lin, hun :biggrin:
    or damier...

    I don't know. I love them both. Hehe
  5. Well i have a mono speedy 30 and i have a mono cles .. i love it .. i actually attach it to my keys and it holds spare money and my ipod nano and/or bluetooth headset .... anyway .. good luck! I think it is money well spent for a beautiful little piece of LV, the must have affordable accessory
  6. I just got a perfo cles and mc heart; they have become indispensable! I use them to hold an emergency $20 and a lipbalm. I need access to the balm several times a day and it is just SO handy to have it hanging in the cles.
  7. my cles are my most used ITEM. the vernis and suhali have cramped quarters and don't fit much at all. but the damier and mono you can fit quite a bit in severeal credit cards, paper money, change, and a chapstick ..

    i love my cles
  8. I find my black Suhali Cles VERY useful.

    My faves are Suhali, Perfo, Charms, and Vernis.
  9. I don't own a Cles yet, but I have many small Louis Vuitton items for my bags and I find them to be very useful. I would get one in a fun, vibrant color.
  10. i have one and i love it ......

    go for the mono
  11. I use my cles alot. I carry my work id, 2 cc's, and some $$. Perfect for in btw meetings and I want a soda!
  12. I have the Pomme cles and I use it EVERYDAY!! It would look goo w/ both the Mono and Damier canvas!
  13. thanks guys..your advice is extremely helpful..I may take a little trip to Saks tomorrow after my neuro exam for a celebration cles! :smile:
  14. I have three cles(Groom, Suhali, Perfo), and they are my FAVOR LV items!!! So cute and useful!!!
  15. My cles goes everywhere I go. Even if I don't feel like lugging my bag with me, I always take my cles. I just pop some money and my license inside and I'm out the door.