CLES question

  1. Heya.. I've never posted here before- I'm usually over at the Balenciaga and Marc Jacobs forums but i have a question about the Cles.

    I just bought a smaller sized Bbag and need a smaller something to carry some of my makeup in. Will a cles fit a compact mirror/powder, two lipglosses, blotting paper, and maybe a small eyeliner?

    If not, do you have any suggestions for me? I'm looking for small and flat! Thanks so much! :yes:
  2. i would go for a wapity , i think a cles will be to small for what you have in mind

    not so flat but it is small enough
  3. ^^Agree with sirenized. a wapity would accomodate all your stuff better than a cles. the cles is flat and the wapity is actually boxy.
  4. Not at all the Cles fits some CC's and a few dollars. I would look into a mini pochette if I were you. I would agree with a Wapity but you said flat so I would say mini pochette. You can clip the chain to one of the rings on your bbag & also use it as a clutch.
  5. nope.............maybe a mini pochette or a wapity
  6. wapity
  7. Mini pochette!
  8. I suggest either a black MC Wapity or a Damier Azur Mini Pochette Accessoires. ;)
  9. [​IMG]275[​IMG]215
  10. Cles is too small for what you are describing. Better choices would be, as others suggested, the mini pochette or the wapity. I love the wapity, so I say go for the latter.
  11. Thanks everyone! I really like the wapity but i doubt it would work for what i'm describing so i think i'll look into the mini pochette!
  12. Good choice, I was just about to suggest the mini pochette as well ! :yes:
  13. Oh, how much does the mini pochette go for? I'd probably be interested in Damier. Thanks again! :smile:
  14. the mini pochette is $215 :smile:
  15. The Mini Pochette retails for $215 USD.