cles question: epi vs damier

  1. I'm thinking of gettin an epi cles because cannelle would go with my damier speedy and my Longchamp totes. 'd like to carry coins and maybe card in the cles. I have a vernis one already but I'm worried I'll damage it if I overload it :sweatdrop:

    Can anyone tell me if the epi cles is particulally rigid or if the damier is a bit more flexible? I'd prefer epi, but if I can't fit anythng in, i'll go with damier.
  2. The canvas ones are more flexible. I would definitely go with damier if you intend to put cards in.:yes:
  3. When I was at the Boutique, I was playing with an Epi Cles and it seemed rather "stiff" as where the Damier and Mono didn't.

    However, I didn't purchase one so I don't know if the Epi will stretch in time or not if you put things inside.
  4. if you want to load it, than daimer. or if you really want to go luxe, take the suhali.