Cles owner.. Help me!

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  1. Sorry if it sounds silly.. but I don't know how to open my new pomme cles! :crybaby:
    Please cles owner.. direct me how to open the cles.. :push:
    TIA :love:
  2. hold it where it says LV and the moveable-looking part with the other hand. Pull/slide it away from the other to pull apart.
  3. Pull the verticle part down and it will swing out.
  4. You pull down (or up) and swing out.
  5. Do I have to pull it hard or just slowly? :confused1:
  6. AHHHH.. Finally!!!!! Thank you!!!!!!
    I guess I was pulling it in the wrong direction!! :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart:
  7. Okay, hold the key chain part away from you so the round part is facing out.

    Now hold onto the sides of the keychains with both hands, you should notice that one part is "sectioned off"...using your one hand, grip and pull the section towards you while holding the rest of the keychain still.

    It should open.
  8. Lots of thanks!! :yahoo:
    Before posting this thread, I googled it and found nothing..
    I don't know what should do without u guys!!
    TPF rocks! :tup:
  9. Lol I had this problem too with my first one. Tricky but it keeps it connected really well :smile:
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.