cles or wapity?

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  1. if you could only get one..which one would you get??
  2. Wapity because it holds more!!! :biggrin:
  3. i have the white Multicolore Wapity, and i love it. it's so cute, and it can hold so much more than the miserable little Cles :yes:
  4. Wapity all the way! My black MC goes w/ me everywhere!
  5. I would probably get a black MC Wapity. I would have no use for it though...
  6. yeah wapity because it holds more. I returned a cles since hardly anything could fit in it plus it was bulging and got a black mc pochette mm. Since I got that I hardly use the wapity anymore.
  7. Wapity-white MC wapity!
  8. Wapity : )
  9. Wapity because it can double as a tiny bag ..
  10. wapity because its soo cute :smile:
  11. wapity
  12. I like the cles - it holds what I need (credit card, cash, small gloss) and attaches to my keys.

    Get whatever one you think you would get the most use from....they're both great!
  13. I like cles, the MC cles is soo cute!
  14. black mc wapity, but u can't get wrong with them two. both are great and basically you should choose which can provide your needs.
  15. Wapity :biggrin: