cles or pochette?

  1. if price was the same, would you rather get a cles or pochette? i kind of need both - if anyone recalls my complaints about constantly having to hold my speedy when i need to have free hands, both cles/pochette would be good solutions, right? i could bring cles everywhere and slip it into my pocket, which would be convenient, but i also could put everything i would in a cles into a pochette, which can also double as an evening bag (i currently don't own any evening bags either) i know, my collection of bags in general is very inadequate..just thinking of which has more uses at this point...

    i'd love to hear your opinion! :p
  2. id most definitely get a pochette!
    cles can be too small (but everytime i hear the word "cles" i think of vernis cles, which is TINY) but it can work out when it only needs a pocket..
    i like the pochette because it can hold more, and although it is bigger and is not as portable, its more useful.
  3. Pochette.
  4. both have their places. I love pouchette for mini bag, make up bag, etc....but also couldn't 'live' without my cles, that's all I use for my keychains...helps me from misplacing my keys!
  5. it depends how much stuff you carry around... i prefer the pochette anyways.
  6. Pochette hands down!!
  7. oh the dilemma...!!!
  8. Why don't you start out with the Pochette?
  9. ITA:yes:
  10. pochette
  11. Pochette is a must! :yes:
  12. pochette~
  13. I'd get the pochette if they were the same price.
  14. I have both, and I must say, the cles isn't that usable to me IMO. Pochette!
  15. I agree..they both have their places..I'd get a pochette first though.