cles or key holder?

  1. what is the best one for keys???? thanks
  2. get the cles! they are wonderful!
  3. I just got my first cles last weekend--pomme d'amour. I love it. It would be better than the key holder if you have a lot of keys.
  4. For individual keys, the key holders are the best but for larger car keys, etc. I think the Cles is better.
  5. I'd get the cles, they seem more useful --- you can always throw in some cash and cards and it can double as a wallet :idea:
  6. i think the key holder. i bought mine so they're contained and won't scratch my bags. though i think having them on a cles is fantastic too. i had my work keys on my groom cles til today and loved it. i love the jingle and it was easier to use them to get in somewhere because of the chain. now with the keyholder there isn't much length from the key to the holder, kwim?

    ok so basically i'm torn. lol
  7. I'm all for the key holder, because I don't like my keys to be loose in my bag and potentially scratching other items. I've always liked key holders, though, and I've never owned a cles.
  8. My keys don't fit on the cles, I say go for the key holder.
  9. Is this because you have too many keys, or the keys are too big, like car keys?
  10. Cles!!!
  11. I was actually thinking about just getting the key ring / aka pochette extender; while it isn't as cute as a cles, IMO, it looks like it would be easiest for holding keys *and* clipping to the d-ring inside a purse. I have heard some people say that it can be difficult to use the same clip for holding keys and for clipping into bags. Just another consideration!
  12. if you want to protect the inside of your bag from getting scratched up, use a key holder. if you just want something to put your keys on, a cles is great because you can use it as a wallet too.

    I have a perfo cles, and I'm getting a 4-key holder next week. I wanted something I could put my keys in; I couldn't fit my keys in my cles either, if they were attached to the clippy-thing.
  13. I have a key holder and love it. I can put my ID, CC and folding money in the slot behind the key loops. I put a split ring on the remote lock for the car so it fits better. I tried a Coach mini skinny [similar to a cles] for keys and the keys don't go on the ring and into the pouch. I got keys stuck in my pants pocket and don't want that to happen again!
  14. Wouldn't it be perfect...if the key holder had an inside slot for a cc or bill? THat's the only reason I haven't purchased one...but I love them.
    I'd say because of this, the cles appears to be most functional for the buck. Let us know what you decide!
  15. Is there a slot? That would be great!