Cles or Change purse ??


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Nov 11, 2006
I'm looking to buy the shirley next month, but I'm gonna need a cles to fit my cards, cash, etc. I was looking at the MC cles in white but also found the mc cozy purse which is the same price. Which is better??

Or should I get the mono or damier cles instead? :confused1:
i would say go for the damier cles..doesn't shout out as much as the monogram cles, and can fit more than the MC u don't hv to worry about paint coming off and so forth..
it pretty much comes down to any of those, i just want something that can fit in a shirley and look good. would the ludlow fit in a shirley?

The Ludlow would fit in a Shirley... the Shirley measures: 11.8" x 5.1". I barely noticed this, but the Ludlow has different dimensions? :

Monogram Canvas Ludlow: 3" x 4"
Epi Ludlow: 3.9" L x 3.1" H
Damier Ludlow: 3 1/8" x 3 7/8"
Vernis Ludlow: 3.9" L x 3.1" H
awww, i wish the mono credit card holder comes in damier...
but i think i made my decision, i'm gonna get the mono credit card holder and mono cles. its cheaper than getting mc cles and would match more with my other lv.
definitely cozy purse...

i have both and if u wanna fit cards in there, the cozy purse does a much better job..i can fit up to 10 cards or maybe more but i haven't really tried stuff in it yet....

the mc cles will hold a lot fewer cards cuz the opening isn't big and it doesn't have a bottom to fit many cards in so if u want a cles, u'd better get mono or damier...

but i vote for cozy purse cuz it's so adorable:love:

here are the pics, hope this helps :smile:


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