Cles or 4/6 key holder?

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  1. I'm looking 1 more cles for my house keys AND another one for change.

    I currently have an amarante vernis cles for my credit cards.

    I have several questions in my mind and would like you all's much appreciated opinions!

    1) Which is more practical - buying a cles or a 4/6 key holder for holding keys only?

    2) If you were me, what print would you get for holding keys and another print for change? I would consider durability and not easy to make it break / dirty my priority. Can you all give me some ideas? I have some favourite colors in my mind.

    Damier Ebene?
    Damier Azur?
    Epi Black?
    Epi White?
    Epi Purple?

    If you all think that 1 particular print is both good for keys and change, pls also suggest. I appreciate all kinds of opinions. Thanks!
  2. i have an epi black cles, i throw it around, and it doesn't require any cleaning, epi, VERY DURABLE!, and black hides most marks!.
  3. I have the mono four key holder and I love it. It is the one LV item I use everyday. I have been using it for almost a year now. I have even dropped it a few times,yet it looks like I just bought it yesterday. I also like it because it keeps my keys from scratching my lv wallet etc.
  4. I would probably get a keyholder for holding keys. I only say this because otherwise you may get scratches on the inside of the cles or it could get very dirty.

    I would also go with a darker color for a cles if you intend on continually using it for change. That way, again, you avoid getting it dirty on the outside if you will be using it a lot. I switch out my cles that I use for change a lot depending on what bag I'm wearing to coordinate so I usually don't have to worry about anything getting too messy.
  5. I recommend the cles as it is more versatile than the key holder.

    My favorite cles is denim because it is softer and easier to overstuff if need be.
  6. I have a Mono 6 key and 2 cles'. If it is just for keys I say go for the key holder.
  7. does anyone recommend a LV key holder for keys with key fobs-like audi, mercedes, the ones that are a whole one bulky thing haha-thanks everyone :P
  8. I have a 6 key holder for house keys, car key, etc. and a cles for my work key and work key fob only. And I keep my jump drive and iPod shuffle in the cles. Both are in mono.

  9. Which one do you like better? the 6-key holder or cles?
  10. Seems like Black epi is really worries-free
  11. My Key Holder for 6 holds my Mercedes key just fine!

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  12. 6 keys & cles in Azur! It's such a 'fresh' print :tup:
  13. I have a mono 6 key holder and it has been one of the best purchases that I have made. I only wish that I would have gotten it sooner. All my keys fit and I still have one extra space left, it folds up nice and I can put in my pants pocket with no extra bulk. I also have 2 cles -a groom and a framboise vernis that I switch out with bags, I don't think I could be with out a cles either.
  14. I like the 6-key holder better, because I have 4 keys and my car key w/remote, which is bulky, so I enclose the 4 keys and the car key & remote hangs out. When I make a quick run and don't need to carry cash, I just stick my license in the pocket and go and it fits into my pocket with the car key & remote hanging out. With the cles, I tried it with all the keys and it was too much on the key ring! And I don't like how it hangs while I drive, and with the key holder, it is neatly inside and nothing else hangs out. I hope this helps!:tup:
  15. If you are going to have a car key on it, I would recommend the 4 or 6 key holder and a separate item for change because the weight of the change on you key when it is in the ignition can cause damage over time. And it means you get to buy TWO things instead of one! :woohoo:
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