cles on a mobil??

  1. Last tuesday I bought my first vernis cles. Normally I hang it on my bags but the last days I ve hung it on my mobil. It looks very cute I think. But friends of mine said that the thin bound can broken and then I can lost the cles. Now I'm scared because I know thats right.
    But I have no idea how I can hang it on the mobil without these normal bound.

    So my question is has someone experiences with cles on their mobiles? maybe good ideas for me ?

    here are some pics
    veerin.JPG verniis.JPG vernis.JPG
  2. Are you sure about this ? It just seems like the hardware will pick up a lot of wear, and so will your phone ! I've never seen anyone that's attached it to their phone.
  3. Hmm. I can't say that I'm feeling the whole cles-on-phone look here. I think it's too much. The cles looks to be almost the size of the phone. Have you tried picturing what it will look like when you're talking on the phone and you have the cles hanging below it? It may be a bit uncomfortable or awkward. Just my two cents ;)

    I had a vernis cles and used it as a key ring. However, my keys didn't fit in it, and it was too small to carry even a couple of credit cards, cash and change, so I sold it. The cles does look cute hanging from a bag, but IMO, that's about the only use I can think of for it :shame:
  4. Cute, but I dont think i'd be hanging it off my phone. That string is going to break and you're going to loose one or the other... :sad:
  5. Hmm, not really a fan.... The cles looks bigger than the phone!
  6. It doesnt look right to me.. because its the same size as the phone..
    something odd about it.
  7. I agree with what others have said. It looks too big to be dangling from your cell phone. I would just stick with using it on your bags.
  8. It doesn't look right especially since Louis Vuitton already have phone charms for sale that look much more practical than this.
  9. hmm it looks quite uncomfortable to be talking on the phone with the cles hanging off....

    maybe you could just put the phone in it without hanging it on the phone?
  10. It might be OK if you put your phone inside of the cles, but just dangling it off doesn't look quite right.
  11. Very cute! I think it looks great and is quite a creative idea you came up with. I wouldn't worry about losing it.....Seems like you'd notice if the strap thingy broke. Just don't fil your cles too full.

  12. thank you so much for your opinions :smile:

    especially to you savvyblonde :p;)

  13. I agree that the strap for the phone will probably break. My strap broke after regular use and I didn't even have any extra stuff added onto it.
  14. the scale is not right..:rolleyes:
  15. its fine, if you like it, THATS ALL THAT MATTERS. :smile: maybe in a week or two you'll hate it, but at least you tried it out!