cles not made in France??

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  1. Does anyone know if all pochette cles are made in Spain?
  2. I have some that are made in France as well...
  3. Louis vuitton over the years has had not only the cles, but bags (seasonal and permanent collection) made in SPAIN, USA, FRANCE, and ITALY. Currently i have noticed the *newer cles with the Made in Spain stamped inside.
  4. I'm just fussy that I will buy only LV made in France. Its like buying a Swiss watch made somewhere else. I guess I'll keep searching for a cles made in France.
  5. try eBay. :smile: they should have older models.
    or maybe 1866vuitton? they can help with almost any question.

    any model in specific?
    if i find out anything ill let you know.
  6. Any of the vernis colors but I'm looking at the azur to go with an azur saleya for spring too. Thanks.
  7. most cles are made in spain especially the vernis and azur sorry
  8. ^Yeah, most of the small items are made there. :yes:
  9. The only cles in my boutique that are made in France are the mini lin ones. Most of them are Spain. Maybe you can match the dune with the azur. GoodLVck!!!
  10. I saw a lot of them made in spain