Cles - MC or mono?

  1. I plan on getting a cles but I am undecided on the black MC or mono. I got the Pomme cles but I found it too stiff so I had to return. Is the MC cles stiff like vernis cles?
  2. Mono will wear better than multicolor in the long run. But go with what you really love!
  3. i like MC more
  4. I have one mono and two vernis ones. The mono is softer but smaller. I think the mc is larger than both the mono and mc.
    Just something to think about !
  5. i have the black mc cles and absolutely love it! i had gotten the mono cles and returned it since it was almost too plain for me. having that pop of pretty colors makes me smile :biggrin:
  6. MC for the pop of color! WAIT...i just saw your collection and noticed you have a MC sarah..and no mono. i change my vote to mono. i think the MC cles will be as soft as the mono.
  7. I have the de cles and the MC. They are great the MC is bigger so that one I tend to use as a wallet more since it has more room.

    If you already have a MC Sarah though..........I prob would go for the Mono
  8. I vote for the MC with grenade interior since that's what I have. I use it as my wallet.
  9. mono classic!
  10. I would go for mono.
  11. Mc!
  12. first of all thank you for opening this thread as i was also thinking of getting one too. I do definitely recommend getting something special, so my vote goes to MC:woot::tup:
  13. Sorry for the ignorance, but when do you say cles, do you mean the little pouch with a key chain attached? If so, if you're using if as a wallet, do you remove the chain, or just leave it there?

    Also, if you use a clues as a keychain for your car keys, is it convenient when you're driving? Or is it too long and heavy on the ignition?
  14. Mc!!!!!
  15. I'd get the black mc. You can always get the mono later on if you still want it.