Cles Mania!!


Which Cles??

  1. Framboise Vernis

  2. Monogram

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  1. Ok I have seriously gone cles crazy in the last few weeks. I have had the orange perfo, mono, and vernis. I just can't decide which one I want to keep! I finally think I do not want the perfo one, but now I am confused about the mono vs. framboise. I really like them both for different reasons. I like that the vernis one is pink (LOVE pink) & that it is really flat & seems like a key chain. I also really like the classic look of the mono & how durable it will be. Please tell me your opinions! I can not bare to go back to LV anymore, the SAs must think I'm crazy!
  2. I love the framboise, and vernis items are always somewhat limited. Mono on the other hand, will be around forever. You can always get that one later. ;)

    Keep the pink one! :love:
  3. My vote is for the pop of color-Framboise Vernis
  4. I :heart: the Framboise! The color's so pretty and vernis coordinates with everything!
  5. Keep the framboise vernis cles. It's sooo pretty! You can always get a monogram cles later on.
  6. If you can't keep both, keep Framboise and get mono later.
  7. OK, I voted for Framboise because it is so pretty. I actually got the mono because it matches my wallet. But color in your handbag is always wonderful. The H girls rave about the rainbow in their handbags, and I have totally bought into it!!
  8. my vote is for the framboise
  9. I agree. Get the framboise vernis now and the mono later. The mono will always be around. Vernis colors come and go with time.
  10. personally I'd keep the perfo but out of teh 2 you narrowed it down to I'd say framboise it looks really good against mono & damier and a great pop of colour
  11. the mono is more durable and holds a tad bit more......the vernis cles is a fab bag charm and i :heart: pink..........i think you should keep the vernis framboise cles
  12. Framboise Vernis
  13. Framboise!
  14. Perfo!!
    Limited Edition And Holds A Ton!!
    I Know This Isn't One Of The Choices But I'm Not Into The Whole Conformity Thing..
  15. Here's my opinion, over time, collect all of the ones that you fancy!