cles keyring HELP PLEASE

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  1. Try calling 866 VUITTON. They typically can view inventory for the entire country, and forward you to the store that you can purchase it from.
  2. I hope you can get it. I don't like the big cles either....
  3. thanks crystalrnc! i'll try that. i live in the netherlands so i hope the number still works :P

    thanks bextasy hahaha me neither really.. just not my kind of thing. do you know if the one i want is still for sale? because on the louis vuitton site it has the same style in ever kind of color but the color i want -_- lol
  4. i'm not a fan of the new bigger one either...i just called. they said they've retired the cles/key and change holder (the smaller one) and that its no longer available.

    but, please don't let that stop you from calling them. perhaps its different in the Netherlands. maybe they don't have any left in US stores - let us know!!
  5. oh mannnnn :sad: why would they stop such a popular design!! seriously makes no sense at all....

    i'll try and stop by the store in amsterdam at the weekend or something. I NEED THAT KEYRING/COIN HOLDER. :sad: