Cles Keychain

  1. Hi everyone,

    I am so embarassed to admit this, but I am unable to open the Cles Keychain part no matter how much instruction I get in writing. Can someone show me a photo with the keychain part open? I am told to push it, but its getting me nowhere. I bought it from eLuxury that is why I couldn't ask someone to show me how to open it at the store. Thanks.
  2. You actually pull up on it. I will try ti show you with pictures.
  3. Can you tell by this picture? You pull up on that section and then out.
  4. I got it!!! Thank you soooo much Syntagma!!!
  5. Noooo problem! Those can be tricky if you don't have someone to show you how to open it! ;)
  6. Old thread I know, but I just want to thank Syntagma for the instructional pic. Really helpful! I arrived home with my new cles and, oh yeah...forgot about that part. Many thanks!
  7. So are cles' like this? Open a special way? I guess I have to wait for my MC White Cles :love:

    edit: maybe this is something different from a pochette cles.
  8. Yes they open a certain way~ I struggled too for like 5 minutes LOL!:nuts:
  9. I struggled for 5 minutes with my first cles, until my dad pulled it out of my hands and opened it in a second. :rolleyes: I'm glad they aren't easy to open though...I know when I hook them onto something, they aren't going anywhere!
  10. Thank you Syntagma! with my shopping hangover, I totally forgot that I didn't even know how to open my rond groom.:yes: