Cles & iPod

  1. Hello!

    Does anyone happen to know if a ipod nano can fit into a mono cles?

  2. I believe someone could fit their nano in it, but it was tight.
  3. That was the first generation of nanos too. im not too sure about the second generation.
  4. I know a nano can fit generously into a perfo cles, not sure about mono.
  5. I had a damier cles, same size as mono, and I fit my nano in their perfectly, it was the older one though, the nano that only came in black and white and had rounded corners. Pretty sure the ones they are selling now would fit just fine too.
  6. If you have an ipod nano, it would be easiest and best if you just go to the store and try it out there...or you could always get the ipod nano case!!! I have one for my video ipod and it's amazing!
  7. ^^i wish they had an mc nano case.
  8. I want a cles for my ipod.
  9. let me post pics!

    hold on a sec
  10. its pretty hard to put it in there (2nd generation) have the lift the ipod up and then put it down...
  11. pics!! here ya go! :yes:
  12. I thought they did? I asked about it last time i was there and they had sold out, had one in mono and that was it.
  13. They didnt make a nano case in mc. They only made the shuffle &mini case in mc. The person you asked probably thought you meant the mc ipod mini case.
  14. Why would anyone put an ipod in a cles? You need to access the wheel and the other controls. Just get an ipod case. A cles will not protect it properly, and the metal ring and zipper will scratch it.
  15. It seems to fit nicely with a bit of room to spare.