Cles in pomme or amarante?

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Cles in Pomme or Amarante?

  1. Pomme

  2. Amarante

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  1. I am going to order a cles today. Should I get it in pomme or amarante? I'm so torn -- love both colors.
  2. Pomme!!!! I had an amarante heart and cles....returned them both! I couldn't deal with the fingerprints. The polishing cloth seemed to make them worse. This is just my experience.....I love amarante, but can't stand the dirty look of it.
  3. Between the two I like Pomme better.
  4. as much as I love pomme, I love amarante more! it looks like black cherry!
  5. Pomme!
  6. I vote for Amarante - the most beautiful colour ever made...
  7. I say Pomme, its totally hot !! you girls are so lucky there are so many nice colours for you to chose from :flowers:
  8. Thanks guys -- keep the opinions flowing. You know how fickle elux stock is -- they both were not available just last night.
  9. I'd definitely go for the POMME .... :tup:
  10. i voted for amarante based on color alone - it's stunning. however, the pomme is better at hiding fingerprints. since you'll be handling the cles, and there is no vachette strap to hold onto, keep in mind that an amarante cles will, eventually, show smudges (unless you wash your hands every minute).
  11. amarante! i am a huge fan of the amarante color. i think its very pretty
  12. Def go with the LE pochette cles in POMME! It holds so much more and is SO pretty with the Louis Vuitton plate.
  13. P-B,

    I had the same dilemma. I liked both colors. So I went ahead and ordered the amarante vernis (original size) from elux. I got it and have been using it for about a week now. I LOVE it and do not have any problems with fingerprints. But I have been thinking about the pomme also. So yesterday I broke down and ordered the pomme vernis (original size) because I need that color in my life as well. KWIM? So what I am saying is this.... get both! But get the smaller size because it is cuter. I don't like the nameplate on the new one. I think that the size on the original one is sufficient for driver's license, cc cards, some bills. Good Luck and let us know what you decide. :okay: