Cles guestion??

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  1. I was thinking of getting one of the mc ones? I want to use it for keys, not to hang on my bag. Do you guys like the white mc or black?? Keep in mind I have a mono speedy and a damier speedy. Not that it really matters, but....!!
  2. I like them both in cles..
  3. i like the white, it stands out more than the black
  4. I always prefer white mc. :P
  5. My vote's for white as well.
  6. okay...out of these 3...mono, white mc, or mini lin??? TIA
  7. White MC! Mono is far too boring and Mini... well it's uncoated canvas.
  8. white
  9. White! :yes:
  10. Black MC vote here!!! :biggrin:
  11. Yes, get white!!!
  12. White!
  13. Today, white, I'm way into white mc these dayz...
  14. Whitteee
  15. I like the white! Good luck with your decision! :biggrin: